What We

Brand Marketing

Strategic Planning

Innovative Strategies

Our company is a Bio-diverse, Organic ecosystem, certified by ECOCERT and located in Georgia. Our work is inspired by ancient wisdom and sustainability.

Operating System

We are an EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) run agency and we take Traction seriously. We hire and run our agency based on our core values and our processes are followed by all.

All Sized Business

If you are beginning to ramp up marketing operations, or you have a team of seasoned marketing professionals that have been tasked with fueling growth, our team is ready to help your business.

Digital Experience

Platform Integration

Traction Run

Our processes are documented and followed-by-all and every single day we help our clients design, create, and execute their own processes as we move their digital marketing forward.

HubSpot Agency Partner

We have built our agency around the core principles of Inbound Marketing and apply them to help our clients grow their businesses using this amazing marketing tool.

SEO Marketing

From new B2B lead generation using Google Ads to adding new customers to your eCom pool, Digital 1 has the experience and insight to create actionable results.

Data Science

Data Platforms

Sales Enablement

Leads that have been properly nurtured and qualified before being passed on to sales have the greatest potential to go from standing lead to a running opportunity with a solid, repeatable sales process.

WooCommerce Integrations

Choosing us brings that experienced creator of flexible, fully functional retail storefronts to your team; one highly experienced in WordPress and WooCommerce implementations.

Headless BigCommerce

Essentially, you’re taking all the great things about BigCommerce and marrying them with all the great things that come with WordPress. It’s BigCommerce without the BigCommerce website…